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Thursday, December 8, 2011 @ 06:12 PM
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Test Your Rochester, Minnesota Home for Radon and Vapor Intrusion Today

Vapor Intrusion RochesterIf you live in Rochester, Minnesota, then you may want to consider having your home tested for vapor intrusion. This area of the country has a higher incidence of radon contamination due to vapor intrusion. Since radon is a known carcinogenic, you are placing yourself and everyone who lives with you at risk of developing lung cancer. Your best course of action is to have your property tested for this known carcinogen and to take the appropriate actions if it is discovered that your levels of vapor intrusion are too high.

You may be wondering just exactly what vapor intrusion is and what you can do about it. Vapor intrusion occurs when radon vapors enter a building through the cracks and fissures that have developed in its foundation and basement walls. It can even enter your home through windows that are located at ground level. Unless you have installed a radon mitigation system to handle this vapor intrusion, it continues to build up, affecting the health of everyone who lives in the home.

Where does the radon come from? Radon forms when uranium breaks down. Uranium is found beneath the earth’s surface in many areas of the country, including Rochester, Minnesota. As it builds up, this radioactive gas searches for an escape route. It follows through the cracks in the earth’s structure until it finds a way out of the ground. Unfortunately for homeowners in Rochester, Minnesota, it often finds its way right into your basement, from which this noxious gas spreads to the rest of your home.

Undergoing Radon Vapor Intrusion Mitigation in Rochester, Minnesota

According to the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, a safe level of radon vapor intrusion falls below to a level of 4 pCI/L or picocuries per liter. Anything above that and it is highly recommended that you bring in a professional to implement radon mitigation procedures to reduce the levels. Vapor intrusion has been called a silent killer. It can’t be seen, tasted, or smelled, so it could be affecting you every day of your life if it exists in your home.

What options for you have for dealing with vapor intrusion? Well, your radon mitigation specialists will discuss this with you, taking into consideration the construction of your Rochester, Minnesota home as well as the level of contamination that you have. In general, though, the best method of radon mitigation is the active soil depressurization strategy. It deals with vapor intrusion quite effectively since it eliminates the conditions that draws the vapor intrusion into your home.

If you suspect that your Rochester, Minnesota property has vapor intrusion, bring in a radon mitigation specialist to test your home for current levels of this deadly gas. Discuss all of your available options and make sure that the radon vapor intrusion company that you are talking with is prepared to complete the radon mitigation work themselves.