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Is Your Rochester, Minnesota Home Safe From Radon? It’s Radon Action Month

National Radon Action Month RochesterJanuary is National Radon Action Month. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is on a mission to make residents throughout the country aware of the continuing danger that radon poses for many areas including Rochester. Current statistics show that as many as 20,000 individuals died from lung cancer caused by radon exposure in 2009. That number is expected to continue unless public awareness of this problem is created. Both the EPA and the U.S. Surgeon General want to make Rochester area residents aware of the steps they need to take now to protect the lives of their loved ones from this cancer-causing gas.

Formed when uranium breaks down underneath the surface of the earth, radon is a radioactive gas. You cannot see it, taste it, or smell it. It is silent, but it is deadly. How does it enter your home? When radon is formed, it fills up any cracks or openings in the ground. Eventually, it runs out of room and must find another place to go. As it travels through the ground, it follows along the path of least resistance. Your Rochester home acts like a vacuum drawing the radon directly to it. This happens because the pressure between your home and the ground are so different.

As the radon enters your home, it continues to build up, becoming trapped in corners, closets, and crawl spaces. Over months or even years, this radon gas begins to break down, forming smaller particulates known as radon daughters. The radon daughters enter your airway via the dust particulates they cling to, latching onto your lungs for dear life. Unfortunately, it is your life they are strangling.

What Rochester Area Residents Need to Know about Radon

Unfortunately, as winter closes in, many Rochester residents are going to walk into their homes, close the door, and become exposed to radon. It is leading cause of lung cancer in non-smoking residents living in the United States. Unfortunately, Rochester area residents are living in an area of the country that is known for having a higher incidence of radon intrusion.

Having your home tested for radon allows you to find out whether or not the levels that exist are safe. Levels under 4.0 pci/L are designated as safe, but anything above that requires radon mitigation to dispel radon vapors from your Rochester area home.

Take Action During Radon Action Month and Have Your Rochester Area Home Tested for Radon

The biggest radon gas mitigator in the nation, SWAT staffs a greater number of certified technicians than other mitigation companies in the country. Offering price discounts for their radon mitigation services throughout the entire month of January in recognition of National Radon Action Month, SWAT is trying to make it easier for Rochester residents to implement radon mitigation strategies and take care of their families and homes.