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Thursday, April 18, 2013 @ 02:04 PM
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Rochester Radon Mitigation Needs

HUD Rochester Radon MitigationIf you have heard of the recent radon requirements set in place by HUD, then you probably know what is about to happen to many multi-family home units in Rochester, MN. In Rochester, if you own a multi-family home financed through HUD, you will have to have a radon test completed. All units must be tested, and additionally, every unit returning high levels of gas will have to have a mitigation system installed.

The reason such strict regulation has been put in place by HUD is because of the dangers of radon gas. Radon gas is responsible for so many deaths in the United States. As of right now, radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Roughly one out of every seven case of lung cancer are caused by radon gas. This makes this gas one of the most serious threats to us, and without the proper mitigation, your family may be at risk.

Rochester Radon Mitigation Process

If you live in Minnesota, and you own a multi-family home financed through HUD, then you may liable to take action on your home to protect the tenants with proper mitigation techniques. The first step at making for certain that your Rochester home is a safe place and in regulation with HUD is to have your home tested. This gas cannot be seen or smelled making radon testing the only true way of determining whether or not Rochester radon mitigation is needed.

The two types of tests you need to know of is a short term and a long term test. The short term test may provide results in as few as a two to nine days. In contrast, a long term test may take as long as several months, but provides slightly more accurate results. Depending on your test results, you will be able to make an informed decision as to whether or not a Rochester radon mitigation system is necessary.

If your Rochester home returns high levels of radon gas, then you will need to have a mitigation system installed. While this seems like a complicated process, you are just a phone call away from being able to have it all taken care of. If you contact a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental, we will provide you with a free quote, and a quick turnaround time of a radon reduced home.

Being local to the Rochester, MN area, we are able to effectively lower your radon levels as we know the area and are certified and trained to handle all of your Rochester radon mitigation needs. We can pinpoint the trouble area for radon, and take the appropriate action with Rochester radon mitigation. Regardless of the level of problem you are facing, you can be sure that it gets fixed properly by having a trained professional from S.W.A.T. Environmental treat your Rochester area home to stay inline with HUD requirements.

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Radon Lung Cancer in the Rochester Area

Radon Lung CancerThere has been recent changes to the regulation set in place by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that will help save the lives of thousands of people in Rochester, MN, and even more nationwide. If you have heard of radon gas, then you may know that it is the second leading cause of lung cancer, and responsible for roughly 21,000 deaths each and every year. While citizens who are informed about radon gas in Rochester often take action, not everyone has the capability to improve their living space.

If you rent a home or apartment, then you know that the maintenance and repair of your rented space is often up to the care of a landlord. While leases can help protect you from being taken advantage of and ensure some form of safety, they do not often include a clause about radon gas and the protocol. This is why HUD has put something in place that will help with the reduction of radon lung cancer in all multi-family homes financed through HUD.

All multi-family homes financed through HUD will be required to have a radon test to determine the levels of radon gas. The reason a test is so important is because this gas cannot be seen or smelled, meaning that the danger can only be fully determined if a test is completed. In addition to testing, all multi-family homes financed through HUD that test with high levels of radon gas will be required to have a mitigation system installed.

Applauds from the American Lung Association on Radon Lung Cancer Reduction

This is great news that has been applauded and thanked by the American Lung Association. With a mitigation system installed in every home in America that is in need of an air purification system, the rates of radon lung cancer would hypothetically decrease by 100%. This is stated as currently, roughly 15% of all lung cancer cases are caused by radon gas. This gas can enter your Rochester home without any notice. It forms deep in the soil beneath your home when the naturally occurring uranium breaks down. No matter where you are located in Rochester, you are at the risk of high levels of radon gas.

This movement by HUD is actually a movement by a much larger group. The group that HUD is a part of is a group of other government organizations that have teamed up together to increase the safety of homes, and improve how healthy homes are as well. The group goes by the name of the Federal Healthy Homes Group. Members of the group include the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Environmental Protection Agency. S.W.A.T. Environmental would like to commend the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for their strong efforts and actions, and we are confident that this group will be able to accomplish some amazing things together.

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Rochester Radon Mitigation in Schools Benefits

Radon Mitigation in Schools in Rochester, MNSchool safety is a new topic that is being debated across the nation as we dissect deeper into gun law interpretation. While strict gun laws may or may not reduce the amount of crime, and school shootings, one thing is for certain when it comes to school safety. One out of five schools in the nation has dangerously high levels of radon gas and is in need of mitigation. If your Rochester, MN school has not explicitly stated that they have tested and removed all radon gas, then chances are that they are in need of some radon mitigation.

Radon is a deadly gas killing over 20,000 people each year. The numbers have increased so much that now one out of every seven cases of lung cancer are caused by radon gas. This means that more than 15% of all lung cancer cases are diagnosed to people who have not smoked a single cigarette through their entire life. In order to prevent this, we need radon mitigation in schools in Rochester, MN. Many homeowners in Rochester have already taken the necessary action by calling a radon specialist to reduce their levels of radon gas by as much as 99%, but our schools have not taken the same responsible action. Whether this be to misinformation in regard to radon, or simply a lack of funding for testing and mitigation, hardly any city has radon mitigation in schools.

Schools Safety and Radon Mitigation in Schools

The danger is evident as studies are now releasing data proclaiming that one out of five schools has high radon levels. This equals more than 70,000 schools that are in need of radon mitigation. No matter where you live, chances are there is a school with high levels of radon gas. Children attend Pre-K, elementary school, middle school, and high school, throughout their lives, making the odds of them attending a school with high levels of radon gas extremely high.

Radon mitigation in schools is needed if we want to make sure that all schools are a safe place. Before we dive into radon mitigation in schools, we need to take a closer look at how radon gas forms. Radon forms from broken down uranium in the soil. As the radon is created in gas form, it may enter through a number of spaces. The most common entry way is the foundation.

Grant funding would be provided to all schools for radon testing if a bill is passed in congress. Schools that have high levels of radon gas would then receive grant funding for radon mitigation in schools. It is really not even a question of whether or not we want our students, teachers, and faculty to all be safe while in school in Rochester, so you need to write a member of congress letting them know this bill should be passed. Take action for radon mitigation in schools.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013 @ 08:01 PM
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Rochester, MN Prepares for Radon Action Month

National Radon Awareness Month RochesterRadon action month is right around the corner, and so S.W.A.T. Environmental is asking residents of Rochester whether or not they are properly prepared to take action this January. If you remember last year, we had tons of people contacting us for installation of a mitigation system. We hope this year we can further increase our levels of advocacy to improve the health of your Rochester home.

Radon gas is uttered by many across the United States, but many are still not aware of the long term health risks associated with radon gas. Did you know that over 20,000 people die each year because of radon gas causing lung cancer? You do not have to smoke cigarettes to be diagnosed with this horrible cancer. Simply failing to take action on your Rochester home when it has been invaded by radon could cause you to be diagnosed with lung cancer.

Radon gas can easily enter your Rochester home in a number of ways. Being formed in the soil by broken down uranium, radon gas is naturally occurring. This is a process that cannot be stopped. As the radon gas forms, it may enter your Rochester home through the foundation, or several other places. Radon gas may enter your water supply, quickly affecting numerous homes in the area of Rochester without anyone noticing.

Taking Action During Radon Action Month

Radon action month is a time to get a strong grip on the threat of radon gas in your Rochester home. You already know that radon kills many Americans each year, and know that it can be prevented. In order to get a better understanding of how dangerous your Rochester home is, you must complete a radon test. This gas cannot be seen or smelled, meaning that the only way to fully understand whether or not you are in danger is by having a professional complete a test. Tests normally only take a few days, and provide you with the peace of mind knowing your threat level. If there are low levels, you do not have to take any action, and simply retest every couple of years. If your levels are high, you will want to contact a professional to fix your radon problem.

The other way you may take action this month is having a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental provide your Rochester home with a quality radon mitigation system. This is the perfect way to kick off radon action month, as you protect your family with a new mitigation system. S.W.A.T. Environmental has the years of experience, and certifications to properly reduce your radon levels. It is important to have a qualified professional as a properly installed system may reduce your levels as much as 99%. Take action this radon action month in Rochester by calling your local S.W.A.T. Environmental for a free quote on a new mitigation system.

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Rochester, MN Concerns with Lung Cancer

Solve Lung Cancer Risks with Radon Gas MitigationRochester residents are realizing one of the top killers in the city is not what you may expect. When you think of lung cancer, we often assume chain smoking is the reasoning for it. New research has shown that 16% of all lung cancer cases are not caused by smoking cigarettes, but rather something else. What could that other thing be? Radon gas.

Radon gas comprises of 16% of all lung cancer cases according to new research. In addition, these cases are of people who have never touched a cigarette in their life. To put it in perspective, this is greater than 1 out of every 7 lung cancer cases.

Taking action against radon gas with radon gas mitigation ensures that your Rochester home is safe and secure. Radon gas is radioactive. We all know that radiation causes cancer. Research has confirmed the dangers of radon gas, and even the EPA has deemed cancer bad for your health. To put it into perspective, roughly 20,000 people die each year from cancer, and roughly one out of every fifteen homes are impacted by high levels of radon gas.

Radon Gas Mitigation and Rochester

Radon gas forms by breaking down Uranium in the soil near your Rochester home. The gas is odorless and colorless, meaning there is now way to know whether or not your home is being impacted by this cancer causing gas. In order to determine the levels of radon gas inside your Rochester home, you must have a professional conduct a radon test. A professional will be able to determine whether or not radon gas mitigation is necessary.

Radon gas mitigation companies can reduce the levels of radon in your home by as much as 99%. The truth is that without proper radon mitigation, your home may cause you and your family to be diagnosed with lung cancer. Lung cancer does not care whether or not you have eaten all of your fruits and vegetables, but it does care if you have been exposing your self to radon gas.

There are a number of ways radon gas can enter your Rochester home. The most common method is through the foundation of your home. The radon gas is vacuumed up by the pressure, and because of its nature, it may sneak in through the smallest of spaces.

You can protect your Rochester home with radon gas mitigation. Calling a professional at S.W.A.T. Environmental will allow you to speak with a representative who can answer all of your radon related questions. Do not risk your health and become diagnosed with lung cancer. The recent studies have made doctors consider radon gas as one of the ten most dangerous materials. We always offer a free quote, and our number is toll free, so you have nothing to lose. Protect your Rochester home today with radon gas mitigation.

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Rochester Air Quality Suffering

Rochester, MN Indoor Air QualityRochester, Minnesota is a beautiful city to live in, and raise your family. Like many cities in America, Rochester suffers from poor air quality. The problem with judging air quality, is that it cannot be seen, smelt, or tasted in many instances, meaning that the only true way to judge it is through sensors. Unfortunately, for a great amount of the population, the news of poor air quality often arrives too late.

Do not let the information of poor air quality fall on deaf ears. This month is air quality awareness month, so please take the time to educate yourself about the common pitfalls others have suffered from poor air quality. Rochester residents beware, two million people perish each year from poor indoor air quality. This means that the installation of an air purification system alone may have been the matter of life and death for so many individuals. An additional million plus perish each year because of poor outdoor air quality.

While it is impossible for an individual in the Rochester area to completely control the air quality, you do have the ability to impact the air quality of your Rochester domain. Before you take action though, take the time to learn about the types of air pollution, and how they may affect your Rochester home, and your health.

Radon Gas and Other Air Quality Problems in Rochester

Radon gas is a trick air pollutant that affects roughly one out of every fifteen homes. Unlike normal pollutants, you do not have to live next to a highway, power plant, or place that burns natural resources to be affected. Radon gas forms from uranium naturally breaking down in your Rochester soil, meaning only several homes in a small stretch of a block may be infested with radon gas. The problem lies with knowing which homes are being affected, and which homes are safe. As radon gas is odorless, colorless, and cannot be seen, a test is the only way to know for sure if your Rochester home needs radon mitigation.

Radon mitigation may only be half of your worries. The EPA has started to track the national levels of ground level ozone, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and particle pollution in each region to get a scope of the overall air quality. The level of these four pollutants are summed up into a number rated from 0 to 500, called the air quality index. The air quality index may change dramatically in a short period of time, so having an air purification system in your Rochester home could potentially save lives from quick fluctuations.

As mentioned, most of these air quality problems are invisible to us, but do not let them go unnoticed this month. Contact the professionals at S.W.A.T. Environmental. For two decades, S.W.A.T. Environmental has been the leading radon mitigation company, and the go to company for air quality concerns. Start breathing easier today with an air purification system from your Rochester, MN S.W.A.T. Environmental.

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Rochester, MN Radon Mitigation Company Expands

Inc. 5000 SWAT Environmental Radon Mitigation Rochester, MNHiring sixty five employees, and growing at a rate of 155% over the past three years, Rochester’s leading radon mitigation company has quickly expanded. Now covering twenty six states, and forty locations, S.W.A.T. Environmental has not just been recognized locally, but nationally., a leading source for business information, has just released its annual list of fastest growing companies, in which S.W.A.T. Environmental is the first radon mitigation company to ever be placed on this list. While this is a great honor, S.W.A.T. Environmental will continue to focus on our outstanding service and quality in the Rochester community.

We would like to thank all Rochester residents for making this a possibility. If it was not for you, none of this would be possible. It is truly a pleasure to complete and install radon mitigation systems on Rochester homes as we know that with each system installed, at least one person is less likely to have lung cancer. We have made a tremendous impact in the Rochester community through installing quality radon mitigation systems and we look to continue to grow upon this success year after year.

What Makes S.W.A.T. Environmental Radon Mitigation Different

Being the nation’s leading radon mitigation company, there is obviously a few things different about us than other companies. First, we treat all of our customers with the utmost respect. When you call into your local Rochester radon mitigation company, you know that a representative will be excited to speak with you about all you need to know about this harmful gas. We are not pushy salesmen, and would rather you know all of the facts before making a decision on your Rochester home. If you have any questions, we will gladly walk you through and make sure that you fully understand everything. We always offer a free quote, so you have nothing to lose. You can even call us toll free at 1-800-NO-RADON.

Not only do we have unmatched customer service, but we are more experienced. We have all the certifications needed to properly install a radon mitigation system in your Rochester home, and have been doing our process for years. We have been around since 1988, meaning we have seen it all. Whether radon has entered through your water supply, soil, or another route, we will be able to reduce the levels in your Rochester home by up to 99%.

If you have not yet tested your Rochester home for radon gas, this is the first step in determining whether or not further action is required. Roughly one out of fifteen homes is in need of radon mitigation, and in areas such as Rochester, MN, this ratio may actually be worse. A short term test will only take a few days to complete. Schedule your testing, and if your levels are near or above 4 pCi/L, then give us a call, and we will gladly help answer any questions you may have about radon mitigation and your Rochester home.

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Why Radon Testing is Important in Rochester

Radon Testing Rochester MinnesotaMinnesota is a beautiful area with many attractions. With the Minnesota Twins, and Minnesota Vikings located near Rochester, it is a great place to see a game, or to view nature’s true beauty at Rochester’s silver lake. As a resident of Rochester, you may not be aware of dangers of radon gas to your home. Radon testing is the only way to determine if your home has dangerous levels of radon gas. Radon is known to cause lung cancer, and kill over 20,000 people every year. Radon testing is the necessary action you must take for your first step in protecting you and your family’s safety.

Radon can enter your Rochester home in a variety of ways, but the most common is through being released in the soil. Radon released in your soil can travel up through your foundation and enter your Rochester home. Radon may also enter through any basements, or be released in any bedrock, or water supply. Radon testing allows a specialist to determine whether or not your home has a dangerous level, as this killer gas is both odorless and colorless.

Radon Testing and Mitigation Specialists in Rochester

Most families in Rochester have a go-to fix it man who they trust with many home repairs and additions. While this is good for most work, a general contractor may not have the experience or knowledge necessary to test or install a mitigation system properly. Is a long term or short term test most appropriate for your home? Where should the test be set up? What is an ideal time for testing to occur? These are just a few questions that a radon testing veteran can easily determine for you. A general contractor may not be aware of the importance of some of these factors, and in turn provide you with inaccurate test results.

Commercial Radon Testing

Often we assume that are work is a safe place, but just like your home, radon can seep into a commercial building causing lung cancer to yourself, and co-workers or employees. The need for a specialist is amplified, as with a larger area for radon testing and mitigation, more can go wrong. Ensure the company you hire is certified in radon testing and mitigation to avoid any faulty work and that your business is properly tested and mitigated as needed.

Handling Positive Radon Testing Results

Positive radon testing results can be a very scary thing. Your Rochester home has been determined to be infested with a filthy element known to kill many every single year. Now that you know you are dealing with fire, it is extremely important to call 1-800-NO-RADON. S.W.A.T. Environmental is a reputable radon mitigation company that can handle your high radon testing results. With years of experience, certifications, and known as the nation’s largest mitigation company, these are the experts that should be handling your home. You have to ask yourself, would you trust your health with your plumber or another general contractor? Hire a radon mitigation specialist to handle all of your nee

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How Waterborne Radon Infiltrates Homes in Rochester, Minnesota

Radon in Water Rochester, MNRadon is able to enter a home by dissolving into underground water sources that can then be pulled into a well or other water supply and eventually into a house. This can result in radon contaminating the water you use to bathe yourself, drink, wash dishes and so on. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, breathing radon released from tap water can cause lung cancer. In addition, consuming waterborne radon that has not yet been released into the air may cause stomach cancer in some cases. As a result, you should make testing your water supply regularly to ensure that is not contaminated a top priority.

Radon is a radioactive gas that is often created naturally in the Minnesota environment. The gas is produced by the decomposition of uranium in the soil, water and rocks. It is harmless if dispersed outdoors, but can cause significant harm to individuals when it accumulates inside an enclosed space, such as after it is released from a home’s water supply.

The Dangers of Radon in Water

According to the EPA, approximately 11 percent of stomach cancer cases are caused by water contaminated by radon. The risk of lung cancer from inhaling the radon after it is released from the water is even higher. Due to the dangers associated with radon, the EPA recommends testing both the air and the water of your home on a regular basis to ensure that you and your family are not being put at risk. It is possible for any water source, private or public, to become contaminated with radon, especially in a high-risk area like that around Rochester.

Although it is not required by law in the state of Minnesota that homeowners do so, it is very wise to take the initiative to have your home’s water tested for radon. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, this is important no matter what the age of the home, since both new and old houses can be contaminated. In fact, the Department reports that nearly a third of homes in Minnesota are at risk of radon contamination.

Unfortunately, this is a problem that cannot be solved by the standard water purification processes of distillation or reverse osmosis. These methods are not able to remove radon in water due to the small size of the radon molecules. In addition, radon is impossible to detect ordinarily since the gas is invisible, odorless and tasteless.

Protecting Your Home from Radon in Water

Radon specialists from SWAT Environmental can handle the testing process for you. If the results of the test show that your home contains dangerous radon levels, you will need to have specialized equipment installed to correct the problem. Some combination of aeration systems to remove the radon before the water gets inside your house and carbon absorption filters to remove any remaining radon as the water exits the tap should usually be sufficient to keep your family protected.

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What Is Radon Abatement?

MN Radon Abatement SystemsRadon is a radioactive gas that has been known to cause the development of cancer among those living in buildings containing high levels of the substance. Radon cannot be detected by any ordinary human senses since it is odorless and tasteless, as well as invisible to the naked eye. Radon is currently the second highest cause of lung cancer among Americans. Adding tobacco smoke to a household with high radon levels increases the cancer risk even more. Although radon gas is a danger to anyone, children are even more vulnerable to it than adults, which should only serve to increase the urgency of radon testing.

Radon abatement is the process of detecting and reducing radon levels in a home. It has been predicted that the full detection of radon levels in all homes throughout the United Sates could prevent tens of thousands of deaths from lung cancer every year. It is very difficult to prevent the effects of high radon levels without mitigation or abatement. Many people believe that simply leaving the windows of a home open will decrease radon levels by allowing the gas to escape, but this is simply not sufficient for a radon-contaminated home. Radon abatement professionals from SWAT Environmental can ensure that radon concentrations are decreased to safe levels — something that an ordinary home owner could not accomplish without their help.

Why is Radon Abatement Necessary?

Radon gas can enter a home in several different ways. In many cases, it does so through cracks in the foundation of a house, or through gaps around pipes in its basement. Different areas have different concerns when it comes to radon levels. Rochester, Minnesota is one town that should certainly seek to heighten its awareness of the dangers of high radon levels. The people of Rochester are urged to test their homes regularly to avoid being blindsided by the development of any major health issues from radon gas exposure. Mitigation and radon abatement are fairly simple solutions, and should be performed whenever necessary.

What are the Primary Methods of Radon Abatement?

Some of the simplest methods of radon abatement include the sealing of any gaps and cracks in the structure of a home. These openings act as gateways for radon to enter, and are the first major concern when dealing with high radon levels. After these obvious entry points have been sealed, then other methods can be set into motion to reduce the already existing high levels. This usually involves the installation of a specialized ventilation system to move radon from the indoors to the outdoors. After radon abatement occurs, a new test should be performed to determine the effectiveness of the abatement method.

When building a new home in the Rochester area, it is wise to use radon-resistant construction materials and techniques. If your home did not have these features included during its construction, however, you should not hesitate to take advantage of SWAT Environmental’s modern radon abatement techniques to ensure that your family is protected.