Radon Abatement Options In Rochester, Minnesota

Monday, July 2, 2012 @ 07:07 PM
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What Is Radon Abatement?

MN Radon Abatement SystemsRadon is a radioactive gas that has been known to cause the development of cancer among those living in buildings containing high levels of the substance. Radon cannot be detected by any ordinary human senses since it is odorless and tasteless, as well as invisible to the naked eye. Radon is currently the second highest cause of lung cancer among Americans. Adding tobacco smoke to a household with high radon levels increases the cancer risk even more. Although radon gas is a danger to anyone, children are even more vulnerable to it than adults, which should only serve to increase the urgency of radon testing.

Radon abatement is the process of detecting and reducing radon levels in a home. It has been predicted that the full detection of radon levels in all homes throughout the United Sates could prevent tens of thousands of deaths from lung cancer every year. It is very difficult to prevent the effects of high radon levels without mitigation or abatement. Many people believe that simply leaving the windows of a home open will decrease radon levels by allowing the gas to escape, but this is simply not sufficient for a radon-contaminated home. Radon abatement professionals from SWAT Environmental can ensure that radon concentrations are decreased to safe levels — something that an ordinary home owner could not accomplish without their help.

Why is Radon Abatement Necessary?

Radon gas can enter a home in several different ways. In many cases, it does so through cracks in the foundation of a house, or through gaps around pipes in its basement. Different areas have different concerns when it comes to radon levels. Rochester, Minnesota is one town that should certainly seek to heighten its awareness of the dangers of high radon levels. The people of Rochester are urged to test their homes regularly to avoid being blindsided by the development of any major health issues from radon gas exposure. Mitigation and radon abatement are fairly simple solutions, and should be performed whenever necessary.

What are the Primary Methods of Radon Abatement?

Some of the simplest methods of radon abatement include the sealing of any gaps and cracks in the structure of a home. These openings act as gateways for radon to enter, and are the first major concern when dealing with high radon levels. After these obvious entry points have been sealed, then other methods can be set into motion to reduce the already existing high levels. This usually involves the installation of a specialized ventilation system to move radon from the indoors to the outdoors. After radon abatement occurs, a new test should be performed to determine the effectiveness of the abatement method.

When building a new home in the Rochester area, it is wise to use radon-resistant construction materials and techniques. If your home did not have these features included during its construction, however, you should not hesitate to take advantage of SWAT Environmental’s modern radon abatement techniques to ensure that your family is protected.

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